Asia Foundry Forum (AFF) was initiated by China Foundry Association (CFA), Japan Foundry Society, the Institute of Indian Foundrymen, Korea Foundry Society, Mongolian Metallurgy Association, Taiwan Casting Industry Association and Hong Kong Foundry Association in 2009 in Shanghai during Metal China. The purpose of the forum is to strengthen the communication and cooperation of Asian foundry industry, to promote the development of the Asian foundry industry, and to improve the cooperation among countries, regions and members.


Over the past 10 years, based on Asia and facing the world, the forum has been adhering to its core concept of "interactive, development and cooperation in finding win-win solutions". In terms of building industrial consensus in Asia, enhancing the interactive and friendship between China and the world, and deepening international cooperation in the foundry industry, the forum has provided many valuable "smart solutions".


In the context of increasing environmental pressures and uncertainties in international competition, initiated by China Foundry Association, on the basis of the Asian Foundry Forum, united foundry associations, enterprises, universities, scientific research institutes, and standardization organizations of Asian countries and regions, to form a non-profit organization - Asia Foundry Association. In September 2019 the Asian Foundry Association was formally established. The 12 permanent presidium members are as following (in no particular order):

China Foundry Association,
The Institute of Indian Foundrymen,
Japan Foundry Society,
Korea Foundry Society,
Hong Kong Foundry Association,
Taiwan Casting Industry Association
Mongolian Metallurgical Association,
Pakistan Foundry Association,
Vietnam Foundry Metallurgy Science Technology Association,
Federation of Malaysian Foundry & Engineering Industries Association,
Indonesian Foundry Industries Association,
Thai Foundry Association.



The Asia Foundry Association will serve the development of various fields in the Asian foundry industry, helping members exploring their new markets, technology, legal and social benefits by promoting exchanges and cooperation among the member countries, strengthening vocational education and talent training in the foundry industry, and improving safety and environmental protection in foundry production, and promoting the sustainable development of the Asian foundry industry, and even the world.



China Foundry Association is responsible for the formation and establishment of the secretariat of Asia Foundry Association and carries out daily work of the Association under the leadership of the presidium. The Secretariat undertakes the following responsibilities:

  1. Develop an annual working plan and implement effectively subject to the approval by the presidium.
  2. Coordinate the executive committee members to carry out related work.
  3. Responsible for membership management.
  4. Coordinate the Biennial event Asia Foundry Forum (AFF), which will be held every 2years in turn by a presidium member.

Inauguration Meeting

The inaugural meeting of the Asian foundry association was held in Bangkok.

On September 18, 2019, 12 Presidium members of foundry industry organizations of Asian countries and regions gathered around at the international trade and exhibition center in Bangkok, Asian Foundry Association was formally established.  

Chairman of AFA

Each of the initiate Association Member is required to nominate one representative to form the Presidium of Asia Foundry Association. Among the representatives in the presidium, one representative is nominated to take up the role of chairman for a period of 2 years for one term.

Vice President of China machinery industry federation and President of China Foundry Association Mr. Zhang Libo was elected as the first rotating chairman for a period of 2 years from September 2019 - September 2021.